You may not have thought about it but each time you use car shampoo and water to wash your car, you end up pouring gallons of polluted water away down your drains and into the water supply. If you wash your car once a week, just imagine how much polluted water you are tipping away every year.

In today’s modern society we are constantly being reminded and made aware of the impact we are making on the environment. There has been a sharp increase in the numbers of people now choosing to recycle and make their homes as energy efficient as possible. But still, millions of people chose to use gallons and gallons of water to wash their cars to then simply just thrown away down the drain.

1DryWash offers a truly environmentally friendly car cleaning solution. 1DryWash it simply sprayed onto the surface of the vehicle and then wiped off again; no need for water at all. All of the ingredients in the 1DryWash formula are environmentally safe and the microfiber cloths used to clean and polish can be machine washed so there is no waste.

At 1DryWash we understand the importance and value of water and believe not a drop should be wasted. Therefore, we have teamed up in partnership with the charity Drop4Drop to help supply clean and safe drinking water to thousands of people in poverty stricken regions. For every bottle bought, we donate the equivalent of 1,000 litres of drinking water to a well-known construction project. Our last project brought safe drinking water to the 1,200 people of the Gandi Kovvuru community in India.

So not only does using1DryWash leave you an unbeatable showroom finish on your car, you can also help us to bring safe clean drinking water to millions of people across the world.

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1DryWash promotes saving water via its waterless cleaning products