1DryWash has received a terrific 5/5 review on the 1drywash amazing waterless eco carwash in this months MOG Magazine

It is great to see a british made product which is also endorsed by Morgan Motor Company and has so many dedicated users get a great review.

After driving a Morgan car around the countryside for a while to make sure it accumulated some dirt, Mog Magazine promptly set about using the product to clean the car. They found it cleaned very well, even on glass and metal, so well the gave 1DryWash a 5/5 rating.

What makes 1DryWash such a great cleaner, originally developed for cleaning aircraft in desert environments, this aviation-grade product works by encapsulating dirt particles in a polymer film which is lifted from the bodywork as you wipe it with a cloth - so it cleans without scratching!

1DryWash is manufactured using ecologically friendly compounds and causes zero pollution to the water system. Clean, shine and protect using a single product like to wash your own car? Then somewhere at home you’ve probably got a shelf stacked with car shampoo, glass polish and car wax. 1DryWash cleans, shines and protects all in one go, and it works brilliantly on all surfaces. So you only need one bottle.

Try on your car and see, 1DryWash have starter kits available here 

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1DryWash promotes saving water via its waterless cleaning products


Marcel Wright On 04.08.2016
I have just used DRYWASH for the first time on my Morgan Plus4 and the car looks absolutely superb we are of to Chateau Chantilly in September for the festival and if I have enough room behind the seats then this will be used to polish my car. Very best wishes for a FIRST class product Marcel Wright Reply to this comment
The 1drywash team On 04.08.2016
Dear Marcel thanks for your very kind comments and for your recommendation. We are sure you will find some room to take some to Chantilly, just leave something else behind! If you could we would love to have a photo of you and your car so we can add it to your excellent comments. If that would be ok please send to sales@1drywash.com. Many thanks and happy motoring
Marcel Wright On 04.08.2016
I have used the DRYWASH on my Morgan Plus4, and I am absolutely delighted with the end result. The car looks very smart. I would recommend this product to every Morgan and classic car owner. Well done Kindest regards Marcel Wright Reply to this comment
Jonathan 1drywash On 22.08.2016
Thank you very much Marcel for your fabulous review . 1 X 500ml bottle of 1drywash will easily fit inside your car and should last you the entire trip to chateau Chantilly with enough to clean up to 7 times please send us in a picture of you cleaning your beautiful Morgan plus 4 so we can use it on our website send to jonathanhamme@1drywash.com and we will send you out a little trial kit
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