1DryWash – the eco-friendly vehicle wash that could save you £000’s

We would like to introduce you to 1DryWash - a revolutionary waterless cleaning product that’s helping businesses like yours to meet challenging environmental targets and slash £000’s off their waste and water bills.

 Reduce your water costs - For every litre of 1DryWash you use, you will save approximately 2,000 litres of water.

 Reduce your waste costs - Because there’s no run-off, there’s no costly chemical waste removal.

 Eco-friendly - 1DryWash is manufactured using biodegradable materials and causes zero pollution.

 Improved health and safety - no water means no water-related slips in your vehicle depot.

 Practical and easy to use - clean, shine and protect vehicles using a single product.

 Support CSR targets - 1DryWash has partnered with Drop4Drop, a charity that builds freshwater wells for communities in the developing world. For every litre of 1DryWash you purchase, we will donate the equivalent of 2,000 litres of drinking water to a Drop4Drop well construction project.

1DryWash is a valet in a bottle – a practical, cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for cleaning all kinds of business vehicles. Our growing list of customers includes:

   A “big four” retailer

  Commercial vehicle fleets

  Car manufacturers

  Motor dealerships

        Professional valeters

  Motorsport teams

MSDS sheets are available on request from sales@1drywash.com or by calling the office on  +44 (0) 800 881 8062

To learn more about the benefits of using 1DryWash in your business, get in touch today. Or request a free sample to see this remarkable product in action.
Contact our customer services team at on +44 (0) 800 881 8062 or email sales@1DryWash.com