Absolutely! 1drywash encapsulates dirt particles in a polymer film, so there’s zero possibility of scratching. Wipe over with the microfibre cloth and the particles are lifted away from the paintwork.
Unlike traditional car shampoos and cleaners, 1drywash leaves no salt residue behind – just a clear finish that protects your paintwork against dirt, bird droppings, tar and tree sap.
You can use 1drywash when your car is wet, but if it’s actually raining then the fluid may be washed off before it can get to work - so we don’t advise you to use it in the rain.
1drywash is great at removing black marks. Really stubborn streaks might require a second application.
Definitely! 1drywash is non-acidic, so it cleans without eroding the surface material.
Yes. 1drywash works brilliantly on acrylic and perspex windows.
1drywash works miracles on windows and windscreens, and even squashed bugs disappear in just two applications! Spray 1drywash onto the microfibre cloth and run it along your wiper blades. This ensures a crystal-clear view, and the water-repellent finish improves visibility in wet conditions.
The simple answer is “it works like magic!” The technical answer is that 1drywash encapsulates dirt particles in a polymer film which is lifted from the bodywork as you wipe it with a cloth.
Each 500ml bottle of 1drywash is enough to clean, shine and protect up to 7 family cars or up to 4 standard size caravans.
You can, but you don’t need to! 1drywash leaves a high-quality finish that repels water and provides effective protection against dirt contaminants.
The protective polish in 1drywash lasts 18-21 days, providing an effective barrier against grime, tree sap and bird droppings.
1drywash is manufactured using eco-friendly ingredients and causes zero pollution to water systems. Wash your car with traditional car shampoo and you’ll be flushing gallons of contaminated water into the local drainage system, which may lead directly into rivers, potentially damaging fish and plant life.
Of course. Wash the cloths at 40°C and they’ll come out as good as new, ready for your next dry wash.
It’s easy! Just spray 1drywash onto the cloth then compress the cloth into those hard-to-reach spots for an all-over shine.
Yes. 1drywash gives a great finish on painted GRP.
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