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1DryWash is an eco-friendly waterless cleaning fluid that creates a stunning showroom finish and provides long-lasting protection for your vehicle.

Originally developed for cleaning aircraft in desert environments, this aviation-grade product works by encapsulating dirt particles in a polymer film which is lifted from the bodywork as you wipe it with a cloth - so it cleans without scratching!

1DryWash is manufactured using ecologically friendly compounds and causes zero pollution to the water system. Clean, shine and protect using a single product like to wash your own car? Then somewhere at home you’ve probably got a shelf stacked with car shampoo, glass polish and car wax. 1DryWash cleans, shines and protects all in one go, and it works brilliantly on all surfaces. So you only need one bottle.

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A sparkling finish on all surfaces

1DryWash is the only waterless cleaning product that works brilliantly on bodywork, glass, chrome, acrylics and alloys. Apply it to your windscreen and windows for a water-repellent finish that improves visibility in wet conditions. For a crystal-clear view, spray 1drywash onto the microfibre cloth and run it along your wiper blades.

Clean your car anywhere

Cleaning your car with 1drywash is effortless. Simply spray a fine mist onto the bodywork then gently wipe off and buff with a microfibre cloth. It’s quick, convenient and entirely mess-free. And it gives a gleaming finish that outshines traditional shampoo and a sponge.

Raining outside? No problem. Simply “dry wash” your car under cover.

It’s great for caravans and motorcycles too. And you can even use it around the home on glass, metal and other polished surfaces.

 Why “waterless” works wonders!

Immaculate finish

When you drive away from a conventional car wash, all the water that’s been trapped in your sills and wing mirrors runs out to leave dirty streaks across your bodywork. 1drywash gives an immaculate finish every time. No drips, no smears, no streaks.

Zero pollution

Every time you wash your car with water, you’re pouring gallons of pollutants down the drain and into the local water system.

Join the revolution!

1drywash is used by motorsport teams, car manufacturers, dealerships, commercial vehicle fleets and professional valeters. And it’s now available direct to consumers. So order your starter kit today and join the revolution.